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People drinking our wines and getting back to us about how much they like them is the best feeling!

  • Congratulations for another great year at the Halliday awards. Must say, while your Shiraz Viognier is obviously a consistent major winner, we thoroughly enjoy your Fourre Tout. Must try to secure some Grenache Noir next year

    Phil R - Aug 20

  • your email inspired me to crack a bottle of your 2016 Chardonnay and it was delicious πŸ˜‹ Keep up the good workπŸ‘‰πŸ·πŸ‘

    Owen S -Jul 20

  • Drinking a 2013 Shiraz Viognier, looking amazing! Still so young

    Mark B - July 20

  • I had one of the 2015 Pinots last week. Wow. It was in such a good spot. One of my best Aussie Pinot experiences to date. Thank you. I feel privileged to now have back vintages and can't wait to continue growing my collection and enjoying your wines for many years to come.

    Warren D-July 2020

  • Nous nous regalons de vos vins, qui sont encore meilleurs si on la patience.... d'attendre un peu.

    Philippe M-July 20

  • I tried a wine (Serrat Chardnnay 2018) . It was delicious. well balanced and stylish !

    Ray P -April 2020

  • I open a bottle of the Serrat 2016 Grenache Noir , it was fantastic so good it is dangerous

    George M - April 2020

  • Tonight I am enjoying a glass of your 2015 Pinot Noir with an eye fillet steak. It is magnificent. I instructed my husband to buy another case, but he can't find a bottle anywhere... I have signed up to your mailing list.

    Joanna H - April 2020

  • We just drank a bottle of the S C Guillard Gevrey-Chambertin Lavaux St Jacques 2013 from you. We drank this on Boxing Day. Wow. What a powerful core of red fruit flavour. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and joy.

    Robert H -Dec 2019

  • Serrat Chardonnay 2018 ...Recent consumption. Very pure and crisp but with good tension and a underlying core of richness that should unfurlwith a bit of bottle age . Classy and tasty nice work as usual

    Scott - March 2020

  • I am looking forward to tasting the Fourre-Tout as I enjoyed last year’s vintage and I only have 1 bottle left.

    Dean M - July 2019

  • I thought you might be interested that I realised a couple of weeks ago that your new releases were due so had a quick look at the website to see it was 25th July. I thought I better try a bottle from my previous buys as I hadn’t actually tried the Shiraz/Viognier. (I bought 8 last year, now 7) 

    Well, superb wine. I drank it over three nights and the second night it was better than the first and the third night I was expecting it to drop off slightly, but oh no it was just as good. Such weight, balance and such fine tannins. The rest will be remaining in the cellar for a few years. The good thing was as it was so good, and on a purely selfish level, was that my wife was away so I got to get to enjoy it all to myself. Clearly I was going to get six in the latest release. I will probably try one next year if this release before the 2018 releases, just to make sure. 

    David R - July 2018

  • I have gone ahead and placed my order and very much look forward to your delicious wines (which seem to get better every year!)

    Abe M - July 2018

  • Thanks so much for the great wine. We had a chard (2015) last night and it was outstanding. I just love the struck match nose on it. How do you do it!!? It was awesome.

    Dr Sam M- July 2018

  • My wife an I really enjoy your wines so we love receiving your email. We can't wait to try them!

    Jarrad H- July 2018

  • I really liked what a lot of others achieved in 2017 elsewhere in the YV, so I have high expectations of you guys! That said, I do appreciate that your site doesn't necessarily follow what happens with everyone else ... I still can't believe how good
    your 2011pinot was!
    We had some people around for drinks at work and had a few Barolo, and your 2016 SV mopped the floor with all of them. It was actually borderline embarrassing for us, given that we had told everyone the night was about the Barolo that we had on hand and your SV was a ring in!

    Luca C - July 2018

  • Shiraz Viognier 2015

    Neat as a pin! Clean as a whistle! Friggin' amazing wine!!

    Anthony P. 12/09/16

  • My wife and I had some of the pinot last night, and it's delicious. It's a beautifully balanced wine. Full bodied,  delicious.

    I'll order another full case tomorrow!!  I have been instructed from Sarah!!  We are also enjoying the Chardonnay.

    Tom P. 28/07/16

  • Congratulations on your spectacular wines from the 2015 vintage. I feel blessed to have been able to taste the SV, Pinot and Grenache, all superb wines. Seeing as though this was my first time purchasing and tasting your wines I just thought you might like to know they are being thoroughly enjoyed now and will be into the future.

    Scott C 31/07/16

  • We opened a bottle of the 13 Shiraz Viognier and that was sooo good ...despite not being so use to viognier...I could taste the quality and care you and Tom put into your wines..... Like your others, this one is going to last decades.

    Duy VL 9/08/16

  • “Tried the 2013 Pinot yesterday at Bentley in Sydney. Very glad you could offer me 3. Please add me to any mailing list.Thank you”


  • “We both loved tasting your Pinot and of course (like everyone - I’m sure) wanted more!”


  • "The Pinot, as always, delivers."


  • “Shiraz Viognier 13; Savory finish on a tightly wound raspberry and blackberry fruited core."

    Michael M

  • “Have you any pinot noir left?  Tried it and loved it”! 

    Dr RH

  • “I chose the Serrat chardonnay and was completely stunned. This wine was beautifully elegant and would certainly be the best Australian Chardonnay I have had to date. It has the aroma of light oak, citrus and a fine minerality to taste. Imagine how good it would taste if it was cellared for 3-5 years as recommended by Serrat”.


  • "Have been really enjoying the last case of Pinot, Shiraz & Chardonnay I bought."

    Rod K

  • “Shiraz Viognier 13,very, very good wine” 

    Michael C

  • "Hi Nadege, I received my 2013 PN and tried it with some friends on the weekend- it was lovely."


  • “Two things in particular I enjoyed in the Shiraz Viognier 13 were (1) the balanced richness of fruit on the palate without high alcohol levels, and (2) the savoury finish, which can sometimes be lacking in an SV. Lovely tension.” 

    Simon P

  • “Congratulations to you and Tom on a cracking wine (Pinot) (I am sure the others are equally as delicious)!” 


  • “31/07/2012 We had a bottle of the 2009 Pinot Noir the other day and it’s drinking great.”


  • “This (Pinot Noir 2010) is incredible stuff. I never would have picked this as a Yarra Valley, and it would be pretty easy to convince me that this was Burgundy. A beautiful nose of crushed rocks and spicy minerals with red currant and red cherry. The palette has a mineral core and is full of savoury red fruits. Fantastic” 

    Alex G

  • “Delicious grenache, light fragrant strawberry on the nose, fantastic silky textured finish - great poise.” 

    Simon P

  • “The Shiraz Viognier was absolutely wonderful and we look forward to enjoying it over the years to come.It was a funny experience drinking the pinot, knowing that the bottle we drank represented one third of one percent of the output for the vintage! Hopefully 2010 was much kinder to you!” 

    Tony N

  • What...what is happening here...what is this? Goodness this is good. But has so much left in the tank for another 10 years. I’m in for another case

    What...what is happening here...what is this? Goodness this is good. But has so much left in the tank for another 10 years. I’m in for another case

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Pro Reviews

  • 25 Great Reds (over $30) - 2019 Serrat Yarra Valley Grenache Noir

    I have sought to create a list of seriously good wines that offer exceptional value for money , as I realise tat in these COVID-19 times, discretional spending may be limited. Hand-Picked, bunch sorted, open-fermented with 80% whole berry /20% whole bunch, 12 days on skins, matured in used French puncheons for 11 months. Clear and bright crimson; gloriously pure varietal red fruits float across the mouth on a silken waft of red cherries and elfin spices. Meltingly beautiful wines. 13.5% alc. Drink 2029

    James Halliday Halliday Magazine Aug/Sept 2020

  • Serrat Shiraz Viognier 2018

    The wine has 5% whole bunch and 5% viognier co-fermented (wild), 15 days on skins, no punchdowns only pumpovers, matured in French puncheons (25% new) for 11 months. The colour is superb, but it's the vibrancy and freshness that takes your breath away, the flavours tingling on the tongue after you have swallowed. Published 01 August 2019

    97 pts- James Halliday Wine Companion 2020

  • Serrat Pinot Noir 2018

    MV6, wild-fermented with 25% whole bunches, 13 days on skins, only pumpovers (no plunging), matured for 11 months in French puncheons (25% new). Abundant varietal fruit flavours; quite rich and will absolutely repay cellaring as floral, spicy notes appear.

    96 pts- James Halliday Wine Companion 2020

  • Serrat Chardonnay 2018

    Hand-picked Mendoza clone, whole-bunch pressed, wild-fermented in French puncheons, no mlf, matured for 11 months with minimal stirring. White peach, nectarine and melon, no grapefruit. Attention to detail, doing more by doing less. Published 01 August 2019

    95 pts- James Halliday Wine Companion 2020

  • Serrat Shiraz Viognier 2017

    Open-fermented with 5% whole bunches and 5% viognier, 12 days on skins, matured for 11 months in French puncheons (25% new). Deep crimson; fascinating bouquet - I don't always find the violets that others talk about, but here they go close to challenging the dark cherry/blackberry fruits, and the spiced cracked pepper. The finish is simultaneously slippery, yet gently tactile, refusing to let go.

    98 pts- James Halliday Wine Companion 2019

  • Serrat Chardonnay 2017

    Whole-bunch pressed, wild-fermented in French puncheons (25% new) on full solids, no mlf, matured for 11 months. The clarity of expression of this wine is outstanding. White peach holds front of stage, leaving grapefruit/citrus/apple nuances to follow, with a mere shadow of oak. The balance is utterly exceptional.

    97 pts-James Halliday Wine Companion 2019

  • Serrat Fourre-Tout 2017

    46% barbera, 31% malbec, 9% nebbiolo, 7% pinot noir and 7% grenache, fermented and matured separately in used French oak for 11 months. If this proves that Tom Carson has the golden touch (and it does) I'm happy. If it means he was simply having a bit of fun, I'm likewise all for it. Think of the practical jokes by great classical wine composers, players and singers. It's simply bloody delicious.

    95 pts James Halliday Wine Companion 2019

  • Serrat Grenache Noir 2017

    Wild-fermented with 10% whole bunches, 14 days on skins, 11 months in used French oak. Clean, bright crimson; highly fragrant; bright red fruits, cherry to the fore, raspberry close behind, inhabit both the back-palate, tannins simply a farewell kiss. Welcome cool climate grenache.

    96 pts James Halliday Wine Comanion 2019

  • Serrat Pinot Noir 2017

    Destemmed, wild-fermented in small open fermenters with 20% whole bunches, 12 days on skins, 11 months in French puncheons (25% new). Very good colour; it's hard to tear yourself away from the infinitely complex bouquet to begin the tasting process, to find a whirling dervish of spicy, savoury red and blue fruits on an exceptionally long palate. It's hard to nominate single fruit influences because of the purity and singularity of this gloriously fresh wine. $90 a bottle would be a fair price.

    98 pts James Halliday Wine Companion 2019

  • Serrat Chardonnay 2015 Top ranked 2015 chardonnay in Halliday's Companion 2016

    Hand-picked, whole bunch-pressed, wild-fermented in French puncheons (20% new), matured for 11 months. Yarra Valley deeply embedded in its DNA; it is super-intense and almost impossibly long, the oak merely a vehicle. Despite all its energy, it has a flowery delicacy.


    98 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2016

  • Serrat Pinot Noir 2015

    Light, clear and bright colour; a particularly fragrant, spicy bouquet, then a palate with great drive and intensity, small red fruits with fine, lipsmacking tannins providing length and aftertaste.

    A wine James Halliday considered to offer special value for money!

    96 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2016

  • Serrat Shiraz Viognier 2015

    95% shiraz (Best old clone 1866 planting/BVRC 15) and 5% viognier co-fermented, 95% whole berries, 5% whole bunches, open wild ferment, matured for 11 months in French oak (25% new). Deep crimson-purple; a worthy successor to the 14 (Wine of the Year Wine Companion 16); very complex, deep and powerful, seemingly reflecting its clonal heritage ex Best's more (unless it's vine maturity) Spice and pepper are threaded through the red/black cherry and plum fruit; fine tannins and entirely integrated and balanced oak complete a story that has to be personally experienced. Remember all this achieved at 13% alcohol.

    98 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2016

  • Serrat Fourre-Tout 2015

    Since Serrat ? and its two owner/winemakers ? walk on water, why shouldn?t they lead the world by blending 60% malbec with 40% nebbiolo (and a splash of grenache) for a grand total of absolutely delicious plum and cherry fruit. It?s almost sacrilegious to subject it to points.

    95 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2016

  • Serrat Grenache Noir 2015

    Hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard, destemmed, open wild ferment, 12 days on skins, matured in a used puncheon for 11 months, 48 dozen made. Light, bright colour; lively crunchy red fruit flavours and texture; crisp finish; cool climate grenache is a very different proposition to McLaren Vale.

    94 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2016

  • Chardonnay 2014

    A super-elegant chardonnay, perfectly capturing the line and extreme length that is the mark of the region; grapefruit leads the flavours, followed by white peach and minerally acidity; oak plays an important rile in building on the structure provided by the acidity. All good, as they say, but more again in due course.

    96 points James Halliday - Wine Companion tasting notes Published on 29 Jun 2015

  • 2014 Shiraz Viognier

    If you look at the pedigree of Serrat it’s no surprise they have received a magnitude of accolades in recent years, the vineyard has been planted on a great site in the Yarra Valley with special attention paid to close planting practices that suit the Burgundian and Rhone varieties in particular. The winemaking team is Tom Carson and wife Nadège Carson, Tom has been crafting top quality wines through both Yabby Lake and Heathcote Estate for many years.


    The nose has a briny character with floral top notes siting alongside peppery plum and olive.


    The palate gives a savoury undertone which is a great counterpoint to the silky, almost effortless mid palate that showcases bright blackberry with touches of liquorice , the wine has significant length and will continue to grow and evolve over the next decade.


    The integrity shown to not raise the price on the 2015 post an incredibly glowing review of the 2014 (99 Halliday Points) should also be commended.

    Patrick Eckel 17/06/16

  • Shiraz Viognier 2014

    This is pre-release I beleive but forewarned is forewarmed. It's from the close planted vineyard of Tom and Nadège Carson. It's made in tiny quantity.

    Tom Carson's wine almost always drip with polish and class and this release is more evidence of that. It's so modern and so manicured, as a starting point. But from there, it gets interesting. The bedrock of fruit is ripe and the oak complementary but the wine is povocatively smoky,herbal peppery and generally savoury. It's plush but more fundamentally , it's Yarra Valley. It's one of those wines where you keep have to dive back in for another "look". The finish is also most impressively long. If cool climate shiraz is on your radar you must track some of this down.

    96 points Campbell Mattinson - Winefront

  • Chardonnay 2013

    Quartz-green; a beautifully constructed and finely textured Chardonnay, with an utterly seamless integration of fruit, oak and life-giving acidity; the length is pure Yarra, seemingly effortless, the flavours pitched between white peach and grapefruit, with just a hint of fig lurking in the background - or is it the oak? Whichever, it's subtle.

    96 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2015

  • Pinot Noir 2013

    This a stealth bomber, power and intensity hidden from first view, but not once the bomb hits. A great bargain

    97 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2015

  • Shiraz Viognier 2013

    Good crimson-purple; the black and red cherry, spice and plum aromas of the bouquet pay homage to the co-fermented Viognier, but the power and depth of the medium to full-bodied palate add a substantial dimension to the wine; the magic comes into the form of a flash of red fruits on the aftertaste in the wake of the savoury tannins that precede it.

    96 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2015

  • Grenache 2013

    Light, clear crimson-purple; the fragrant red cherry, raspberry and cinnamon of the bouquet leads into a palate that opens with red fruits, moving to a gently savoury finish with a tannin profile that will serve the wine well in the years ahead.

    95 points, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2015

  • Shiraz Viognier 2013

    From Tom and Nadege Carson’s own property in the Yarra Valley. Close-planting is important here, right down to getting a mention in the name of the wine. Serrat appropriated in wine language suggests close-planting, derived from its translation in French meaning clamp, tighten or constrict. There is 25% whole bunch in the ferment and very small portion of new 500L French oak barrels are used.

    It shows dark fruit, cola sweetness, earthy characters, a dusting of cloves and some dried herbs in perfume. Flavours are mix of red and black fruit, firm and long in texture, finishing with freshness and a light chalkiness. Feels very pure, squeaky and pent up with good energy and a pretty seamless mesh of its components. A sinewy, tightly wound wine when first tasted, the wine manages to flex and loosen-up with some air time. Worthy.

    Mike Bennie

  • Mofo Buyer Karel recently fell in love with a bottle of this Pinot he found at a Melbourne hotspot (which is surprising because I didn’t think they sold wine at internet cafes) and while we don’t want to name the hotspot (Thai food with a waiting list that goes on for a mile), we will name the Serrat Pinot as Mofo HQ’s newfound star. Crafted by Tom Carson of Yabby Lake fame, it’s perfumed, silky and incredibly sexy with romantic notes of dark cherry, plum and smoky spice. 97 point Pinots are a rarity at less than $40 and even Halliday said that this is a great bargain, so jump all over it because it’s perfect and it’s Pinot - and those two things don't go together often.

    Shiraz Viognier 2013 Vibrant ruby. Fragrant, spicy bouquet leads into a well-structured palate showing notes of ripe strawberry, white and black pepper, underpinned by firm tannins that will lend the wine longevity. Beautifully balanced and poised. Drink now - 2023+

    Andrea Pritzker, Langton's

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