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Our Burgundies


We have been bringing Burgundies into Australia since 1992, always trying to discover small traditional winemakers barely making enough wine to export... a bit like us now. We only recommand wines that we are happy to put in our own cellar and drink ourselves.

We started with just a few bottles, essentially for our own consumption, then word got out and we started to buy more for our demanding friends. In 2010, we decided that we may be able to share some of our discoveries with the Serrat supporters.

We discovered  Domaine Guillard during Tom's first trip in 1992. We loved the wine from this domaine that we have been collecting now for many years and we are always pleased to open a bottle of our older vintages.

Domaine Bernard Moreau is a bit different. In 1999, Alex Moreau, the eldest of Bernard's two sons, came to work a vintage at Yering Station where Tom was Chief Winemaker. In 2000, Tom did a vintage in Chassagne and we have been friends with the whole family ever since.